Terms Of Service

Please take a moment and read through our terms of service.  We tried to keep it short and sweet : )
By booking with us, you agree to the following terms:

1) Cancellation Policy
Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance of cancelling/postponing an appointment.  We try to avoid cancellation fees if we can book a substitute appointment.  However, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee when necessary.

2) Weather Policy
In case of inclement weather, a member of our staff will contact you to discuss your preference to either continue, or postpone.
In many cases we are able to achieve excellent results in less than ideal weather conditions.  However, we certainly understand the desire to postpone for better weather.  There is no charge for postponing an appointment for weather related reasons.
If an appointment is conducted at separate times (splitting interior/exterior for weather), a reshoot fee will be added based on travel and availability.

3) Home Preparation Policy
It may help to think of your photoshoot as your first showing.  We can handle the lights, blinds, and small adjustments like a trash can, hand towel, etc.
Before the appointment start time, please make sure of the following:
-Access to the property and/or entry arrangements have been finalized
-All cleaning and staging is complete, and all areas are ready for photographs*
-Cars are moved into the garage, or away from the home
-Pets are safely contained
-Any persons onsite are ready to move to an area away from the cameras view

*keep in mind that more than one photographer may be working on location at the same time

4) Delivery Policy
Delivery is made via email using the Dropbox online storage service.  You do not need an account with Dropbox to receive your media.
We strive to deliver each set of photos within 24 hours from the end of our appointment.  Video tours and property websites can take up to 48 hours.
In the event of a delay, we will do our best to keep you posted as to the expected delivery time.

5) Payment Policy
Payment is due upon delivery of finished media.  All media and invoices will be sent to the email used when booking.
Late fees may be assessed to unpaid invoices after 14 days.

6) Licensing Policy
Distinctive Home Tours retains ownership and copyright for all images, videos, websites, and other media provided to you, the client.
The client shall have full usage rights of the media for any and all purposes related to the marketing of the property for the duration of the listing.
Media may not be transferred to any other party including, but not limited to, another REALTOR®, homeowner, builder, architect, home stager/decorator, subcontractor, or media outlet, without the expressed consent of Distinctive Home Tours.
We ask that you do not alter the appearance of the media so as to cause a misrepresentation of our work.

7) Social Media Policy
We’re pretty flexible with the use of our photos and videos on social media.
Any third party usage is required to give credit to Distinctive Home Tours.