Two Options Available

Walk Through

A walk-through video is designed to give a viewer a quick look throughout the entire property.  Set to music that compliments the style and feel of the home, a walk-through video adds emotion and a sense of how the spaces work together.
In order to keep a viewer’s attention, we try to keep these videos moving at a good clip without feeling hurried. A typical walk-through video is a little over a minute.

  • Shows the entire property
  • Horizontal orientation

  • Typically 1:00 – 1:30 in length
Highlight Reel

Highlight Reels are shot vertically with social media in mind. These quick videos focus on the most important spaces and features of a home. With upbeat music and faster camera movements, Highlight Reels aim to pique the interest of viewers and potential clients alike.

  • Shows only the most interesting features

  • Vertical orientation

  • Typically 30 seconds in length


Go Vertical for Social!

Feel free to call/text/email with any questions about our Video process – or anything else.  We would love to hear from you!